about me

New Delhi, India (2017)

New Delhi, India (2017)

Hi, I’m Filipa! I’m obsessed with creating and doing things since I was a kid. Just so you get the idea:

  • At age 12, I created a Facebook page to sell random eBay items to make a small profit (100€ in 2 months);

  • At age 13, I created a video-course teaching how to DIY your own makeup (50€ total);

  • At age 14, I started offering freelance services on Fiverr.com (200€ in the Summer holidays);

  • At age 15, I made a few (crappy) shirt-designs and tried to sell them online (“lost” 30€ in facebook ads);

  • The list goes (weirdly) on, believe me.

I’m (proudly) Portuguese, but as I always loved the English language I started using it more often.

Since I started blogging that I struggled to keep writing about the same topics. I have a wide variety of interests which makes it difficult to “stick to a niche”. I don’t have a niche. I hope you’re ok with it!

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Productivity Tips & Experiments;

  • Learning Techniques;

  • Book Notes;

  • Morning Routines;

  • Personal Experiments;

  • Interviews;

  • Random adventures & thoughts.

Currently (2019), I'm finishing the last year of my bachelor’s degree in Management.