Happiness is a skill you develop! Tribe of Mentors #3


 I’ve started this series on Medium, where I write about my favorite interviews on Tim Ferriss’ book: Tribe of Mentors. Read here the two articles I wrote before: Let kindness and compassion guide you! & Busy is a Decision!Each post belongs to my favorite interviews, where I found a lot of valuable insights that I feel that should be shared! Also, you definitely should get yourself this amazing book!Naval Ravikant, an angel investor, believes that “happiness is a choice you make and a skill you develop”. I couldn’t agree more. We insist on learning new skills such as a new language, learning how to program, edit videos, etc. But we forget to practice and learn more about our own happiness! And what in the world is more important than feeling good about ourselves?I remember that during the exam season of my first semester in college, my parents suggested that we could take a one-day road trip. I love to travel by car. In fact, I always wish it took more time to arrive at any place. I immediately said “NO”. I had to study. I couldn’t lose one day of studying… exams were coming.But then, I became a bit frustrated. I really wanted to go. I love to travel. Why was I saying no?It became a question of measuring which of the two would make happier. Studying and feeling productive or traveling by car and enjoying some time off to relax? I chose the second option. I still had a few days to study and I needed a break. So, I choose the option that made me more happy at the time. I choose myself. This insignificant decision became a way of practicing the skill of happiness.We sometimes forget to check in with ourselves and understand if our priorities are according to our needs!Naval attributes a lot of importance to just doing it… “The only way to truly learn something is by doing it. Yes, listen to guidance. But don’t wait.”Reading a bunch of books on finance will not give me the financial freedom I seek…I read Rich Dad Poor Dad and I learned a lot of useful lessons on money that I’ve never heard of (it’s an amazing book). Then I read Unshakable by Tony Robbins and became very inspired to start investing on the market (buying index funds). Then… I caught myself ordering another book on the subject. I didn’t need another book. I needed to take advantage of the momentum and start investing a few hundred euros I had in my bank account. And that’s what I did, thankfully.I don’t need another book on how exercise improves my life. I need to discipline myself to continue exercising every day!Knowledge is very important in learning about our interests. But there’s nothing more important than taking action and doing something about what we just read!Naval Ravikant

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